St. Patrick Great Adventure — Part 2 Starting in September 2011 

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What is the Great Adventure? 

The Great Adventure is a Catholic Bible learning system that makes the complex simple by using Four key components that go into making The Great Adventure “great”:

1. Home Preparation with Study Set Questions

2. Small Group Dynamic

3. DVD Lectures

4. Review of Study Set Responses 

Small Group Dynamic: An essential part of a Great Adventure study. Fellowship with one another is paramount in Great Adventure studies. While the DVD lecture lays out God’s plan, the small group dynamic helps participants make that plan part of their lives by engaging in a discussion of the Study Set Questions and learning from one another.

Often, this small group dynamic proves to be one of the greatest added benefits of the study. This type of faith sharing in the Body of Christ helps build community and strong relationships, and it strengthens each person greatly on many levels, so much so that they couldn’t imagine the study without it. 

About Jeff Cavins:

Jeff Cavins served as a Protestant minister for twelve years before returning to the Catholic faith. Jeff is best-known as the founding host of the popular EWTN television program, Life on the Rock. He is also the co-creator of the Amazing Grace series and the creator of The Great Adventure Bible program.


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